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Dorothy Cannon's new talkshow goes live in front of you, the studio audience. But, everything is going wrong and Dorothy is threatening to fire everyone in the staff. Talkshow guests are leaving and they are pulling people from the audience to go on the show! Somebody kill the host!

$21.50/Adult   $14/Kid
Price includes dinner, dessert & beverages!
Join the antics of Victory Airline's nutty flight crew as they travel to Chicago with many twists and turns. Buckle your seatbelt and hope that the pilot is not suspicious of you. Security checks you in and the flight attendants make you feel at home...until there is trouble. Anyone know how to fly a plane?

$26.50/Adult   $14/Kid
Price includes dinner, dessert & beverages!
It's time to go to your high school reunion and see all of those classmates you left behind. The nerd, the prom queen, the class clown... You'll sing with Coach Conroy, dance with your English teacher and find out who had the secret crush on you in high school. Could one of them be a murderer?

$26.50/adult   $14/Kid
Price includes dinner, dessert & beverages!

The Mafia's Vinnie meets a charming young girl of redneck persuasion, Ashley. They're getting married and their families drive each other crazy! You'll sing. You'll eat. You'll spill wedding cake. You'll laugh yourself silly with the nuttiest Italians & Rednecks to ever be united.

$26.50/adult   $14/Kid
Price includes dinner, dessert & beverages!
Every other Tuesday, "Chattanooga's Got Talent" puts on the most entertaining talent contest, with a variety of performers competing for $500 cash. Singers, dancers, comedians and any 3-minute act that could be a winner will do their best to thrill you.

Who decides the winner? YOU do, the audience!

$21.50/adult   $14/Kid
Price includes dinner, dessert & beverages!

Any show theme can be booked by "Special Show" for private parties or remote shows.

Sometimes these shows are scheduled for the public. Check with the box office or see our show calendarfor exact dates.

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