RULES for "Chattanooga's Got Talent"

Our goal is to produce a talent contest that is an excellent show for the audience.  For this reason, the show must move quickly, contain short acts and have no "gaps" of waiting time for the audience.  We also want the show to be fair for all contestants.  We are taking steps to make sure the show and voting is fair.   It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules:

All acts must be 3 minutes or under.  If your act runs past 3 minutes, it will be cut off.  Performers can be any age.

After you apply, you will be contacted within 7 days to schedule a date to "qualify" for the show.  This means you bring your act in front of us and perform it so that we make sure it is suitable for the show.  

This is a family show.  We cannot allow acts that are potentially dangerous (e.g. knife juggling), too messy (e.g. pie throwing) or not "family friendly" (e.g. comedian's blue material).

We enjoy acts with energy that thrill the crowd.  Our stage is somewhat small, so acts that require a great deal of room will not be ideal.  Acts that are too complicated or have too many props, may not qualify.  You can certainly be creative, but keep it clean and keep it simple.

On the night of the show,  you need to be able to take the stage and perform within 30 seconds when your name is called.  You cannot have anything on the stage beforehand, except a microphone (if needed).  Our tech crew can have pre-prepared music in our CD player waiting for you and you can bring items up to the stage, such as a table or a musical instrument.  You can also plug an instrument into our sound system on stage or you can plug in power.  The more steps your act requires, the more essential it will be for you to have a thorough technical rehearsal on our stage.

You will have an opportunity to inspect the stage and the theatre (you may do so anytime Tuesday-Thursday noon to 5pm) and have a no-pressure technical rehearsal on a different day so that you can work out the wrinkles of your act:  taking to the stage, performing, etc.  We want to assist you in any way, but in the interest of being fair, we cannot give unbalanced attention to one or two performers.

After you qualify, we will talk to you about specifics such as music on CD, microphones, rehearsal time and all of the details that help the show go smoothly.  If your act on the night of the show is different than your qualifying act, you are in danger of disqualification.  

Vaudeville Cafe reserves the right to disqualify or bar performers for any reason.  If a performer threatens to damage the integrity of the show, is unfair to other contestants or acts in poor taste, they run the risk of disqualification.

If you win, you cannot compete again for 30 days.  If you do not win, you are welcome to compete again and if you are performing the same act, you do not need to qualify again.  We hope that all performers have good sportsmanship, in order to be invited to perform again.  The audience will be voting with their paid ticket receipts to insure that all voters paid to get in and there are no repeat votes.  You are welcome to invite friends and family to attend the show as paying and voting audience members.

If there is a TIE of any kind, then the $500 is split between winners.  All winners are paid in cash in front of the audience.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!                                   Application for performers


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